WE'RE YOUR WRITING COACH. Make your writing better. One-on-one help, while you're working on your manuscript.
WE'RE YOUR SELF-PUBLISHING BACK OFFICE. We can help you turn your manuscript into high quality paper books and eBooks.
WE'RE YOUR MARKETING DEPARTMENT. Readers can't fall in love with your book if they can't find it. You have to help them find it.
WE'RE YOUR PROJECT MANAGERS. Writing, publishing, and successfully marketing is a major project and requires a high level of organization.
WE'RE YOUR IT DEPARTMENT. Creating websites, SEO, social media sites, and using software scares a lot of writers. We can fix that.
WE'RE YOUR ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT. A great solution has to be one you can afford. Shoestring budget? We're still here to help you.

We Start By Listening

"I want to publish a book, but...


...I've never written one before. I'm not sure my writing is good enough.

It doesn't matter how far along you are on your writing journey. Writers, by the very nature of writing, are locked into a constant quest to improve: to choose a better word, write a better sentence, paragraph, or story. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pro, coaching can provide the guidance and direction you need to improve your writing faster.

As a beginning writer, maybe you have a great story idea and something inside pushing you to write. That's good, but there's so much to good storytelling that most new writers (and many published writers) have never heard of. Things (to name just a few) like story structure, active voice, and appropriate ways to introduce backstory. You can do this, but coaching will keep you from having to learn many painful lessons the hard way. 

One of the biggest mistakes writers make is finishing their book, turing it over to an editor, and then finding out the manuscript has problems that were evident early. By catching problems early, you save costly and time consuming rewrites and make your finished story as good as it can be. Coaching now means less editing later and a better story when you finish.

...I know I need help, but don't have lots of money to spend.

If you're going to write, publish, and sell a book, there are things that have to happen. Your manuscript will need editing and proofreading. It needs to be formatted as an eBook and as a paper book. It needs a book cover and a description for the back cover. If you self-publish, you'll need accounts at Amazon and maybe the others. You have to let the world know your book exists. Whether you're on a shoestring budget or you're a multi-millionaire, these things (and more) have to happen.

A publishing and marketing plan that you cannot afford is no plan at all. Our job is to help you come up with a plan that you can afford. There are ways to cut corners and still publish and sell your book. There are other ways to cut corners that will be a disaster. We know the difference and can help you craft a plan that's right for you.

...now that I've finished my manuscript, I don't know what to do next!

The skills and experience required to write an exceptional book are very different from the skills required to publish it. A great chef doesn't necessarily make a great restaurant manager. Someone with an idea for a great product might not be well-suited to be CEO. In the same way, a writer may take months or even years to craft a wonderful story, but then ruin it with substandard production in the publishing phase. A mistake in any of the production phases can severely limit or even kill your book.

A lot have things have to happen between the time you first type "The End" and when a reader purchases the first copy. To name just a few, there is editing and proofreading, cover design, interior formatting, and digital file creation. You have to write your author bio, a book description, and decide what back matter to include in your book. You have to choose where you'll sell your book (Amazon, Apple, Kobo, B&N, etc...), open accounts there, and decide how to upload your book files. 

You're a writer. You're not supposed to be a publishing expert. We can help you make sure your book is published with the style it deserves.

…after it's published, will anybody buy it?

In most cases, it's unlikely the act of simply publishing your book will lead to more than just a few sales. Your book is largely invisible. If you want readers to buy it, you have to make it visible. Readers can't buy a book if they don't know it exists. It's a universal problem for writers everywhere. 

One of the most common bits of conventional wisdom is to publish your first book and then get busy writing the next. Put more "product" on the shelf." It's the kind of advice that--at first--seems to make logical sense. But if readers couldn't find your first book, why will readers magically be more successful finding your second? Or your third? 

Others try a hodgepodge of ideas. A website? Put up a Facebook page? Maybe try blogging. There are hundreds of tools in the toolbox, but used without a clear plan and defined purpose, are often ineffective. 

We can help you pick marketing tools that work well together and work well for who you are. The answer isn't the same for everyone. Let us help you design and implement a customized plan that works for you and your book. 

…people tell me I need a website. I'm not a techie!

A website can and should be at the center of all your marketing activities. Facebook advertising? Twitter? Even the back matter in your book will lead to your website. It's a vital, highly visible part of your marketing strategy, and done correctly, will help you sell more books.

Because your website will be so visible, it has to be first rate. It needs a current and maybe even trendy design. Like your book's cover, it needs to tell people that you're professional and you know what you're doing. It needs to work on computers and mobile devices. It doesn't need to be expensive.

You're a writer, and your time is best spent writing books. You shouldn't be spending your time learning about design: color palettes, web design, Search Engine Optimization, and more. We can build a professional, high-quality website that you'll be proud of and train you how to use it. And we'll be on call should you run into trouble somewhere down the road!

…I don’t have a clue how I’d use Facebook or other social media to sell books.

When some writers think about marketing their books, they visualize sitting at a folding card table in a local bookstore on Saturday afternoon and selling a dozen copies. Social media marketing can help you cast a wider net and produce greater results for less money than any other way.  And it doesn't involve sending people junk mail over and over again saying buy my book! 

Just like your marketing efforts overall, your social media marketing needs to be targeted and purposeful. A poorly done, poorly planned effort that dabbles here and there is unlikely to be worth your time. 

We can help you decide which social media accounts to use and learn how to use them effectively. We can help you set up your accounts and do the graphics necessary to give your site a professional look. Perhaps most importantly, we can help you integrate your social media sites with your website and drive traffic to your website and to your books.

Let us help you set up your social media marketing plan so you have more time to write!

…I'm afraid if I call you, I'll get a high-pressure sales pitch. I hate that!


Our core belief is that writers need help to effectively self-publish their books and we've created what we think are the most effective, affordable solutions on the market. When someone calls us, we put on our problem-solving hat, not a sales hat. Maybe that's because of our founder's unique background as both a writer and a business consultant. Writing and business. We understand both, and are uniquely positioned to help you with both. No selling required.

Where Do You Need The Most Help?



You don’t have to do this alone. Discover how clear direction, experienced insight, and personalized accountability can take your writing to the next level.



Developmental Editing, Copy Editing, Line Editing, and Proofreading keep errors in your manuscript from distracting readers. Which kind of editing would be right for you?



They say, “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” When shopping for books, though, that’s exactly what readers do. Your book has to have a high-quality, genre-specific, professional cover.



Page after page, a reader will spend more time looking at the inside of your book than anything else. Quality design and formatting gives gives the reader the right impression.



Most writers hate writing their book description (blurb). You’ll also need to write your author bio for Amazon and other sites.



Creating accounts at major distributors and uploading digital files for publication. We can help you create a strategy specifically for your book and then make it happen.



A successful book launch requires careful planning and strategy. Simply pressing the “upload” button is not a launch strategy and can doom your book to obscurity from Day 1.



A comprehensive, coordinated, well-timed marketing strategy can make give your book the visibility it needs so readers can find it. We can help you sort through the choices to minimize your time invested and maximize your results.



Your website will be at the center of all your marketing activities. It needs to have a professional, cutting edge look and provide key functionality. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and we can teach you how to manage it.



We can show you how to cast a wide net for new readers in one of the most effective, least costly ways available, using social media. We’ll help you decide which social media outlets to use, set them up for you, and teach you how to use them.



A mailing list can be an author’s most effective marketing tool. Mail Chimp? Mad Mimi? One of the others? We can help you set it up right, integrate it with your website, grow your list, and teach you how to use it.



It’s uncomfortable to do things you don’t completely understand. It can feel easier to skip doing things you know you should do because your discomfort level is so great. We can train you and remove the discomfort. What do you need to learn?

It's Not Just About What We Do, But How We Do It


You keep all the rights to your work and royalties go straight to you, never through us.


This is your book and your vision. We're just here to lend vision and expertise.


We don't offer "packages." We offer solutions customized for you that will solve your specific problems. Nothing more.


We provide advice to writers who want it. We don't have prospect lists, CRMs, or salespeople. 


Some places ask for huge upfront payments, putting all the risk on the writer. Here, you pay as you go, and you're never locked in.


We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation to see how and if we can help you.


At twenty-three years old, Peter Taylor is at a crossroads. He wants to be a writer, but doesn’t know how to get started, or if he can actually make a living as a writer. What kind of book should he write? Will anyone publish it? Can he make money as a writer?

The safe thing to do would be to take the offered job at his father’s consulting firm—with a six-figure salary and company car— and never look back, although it would mean the end of his dream of becoming a writer. Despite everything, and everyone, pulling him toward the business career, Peter decides to follow his heart.

The resulting battle is a journey of self-discovery for Peter where he’s forced to decide what he values most. And as a result of fighting for the fight to save his dreams, he learns things about the business side of writing and publishing he never knew existed.

Committed reads like a novel, not a textbook. If you’re a writer, or would like to be, looking over Peter’s shoulder as he makes his way will certainly make your writing journey easier.

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